• Aptitude test and physical test followed by written and medical test
  • Form filling & Police verification
  • Personal Interview
  • Training in Basics (3 weeks)
  • On-job training (3 to 6 months, depending on requirement)- In the 1st week of on-job training, there is industry-specific induction program
  • Advanced Training (2 weeks)- This training is skill specific, such as training to be a driver, plumber, electrician, computer and surveillance-system operator, fire-fighter, bouncer, body-guard, first aid provider etc. Selection for these trainings is based on interest, aptitude and last performance appraisal
  • On-job training after Advanced Training (1 month)
  • Refresher courses (40 hours per annum)- These courses are mandatory for all personnel and the curriculum involves training on relevant topics based on prevailing circumstances

  1. Placement & Rotation - Placement is done as per the requirement of the Clients and the Security Audit carried out by us. Care is taken to provide the right man for the job. Rotation of the Personnel is done to meet statutory requirement and whenever advised by the Clients.
  2. Weekly-off and Leave Reserve - Adequate Reserve Man Power is maintained to cater to casual leaves, sickness and weekly-offs.
  3. Supervision & Checking - We check the guards regularly to ensure alertness and send visit report to our clients once a month.
  4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction - We send annual feedback forms to all Clients and prompt corrective action is initiated on the basis of Clients Feedback and our Visit Reports to improve our performance.

  1. Recruitment & Training
    • Recruitment
    • Training
    • HRD
    • Refresher Courses
    • Mock Fire Drill
    • On-job Training
    • Induction Programme
  2. Operation and Monitoring
    • Operations
    • Emergency Procedure
    • Absenteeism & Accountability fixation
    • Deployment Drill
    • Rotation
    • Security Plan
    • Electronic Security
  3. Standard Procedure
    • Welfare Policy
    • Recovery
    • Billing
  4. Sales & Customer Relations
    • Sales
    • Quality Circle
  5. Administration (Purchase & Storage)
    • Purchase
    • Armory
  6. Bank Related
  7. Finance
    • Payroll
    • PF & ESI
  8. Feedback & Audit
    • Security Audit
    • Currency Chest Audit
  9. Environment & Safety Policy

  1. Annual appraisal system - This is done as per prevailing practices
  2. Promotion policy - merit cum seniority based
  3. Educational Advancement - All the personnel who are keen on advancing their educational qualification are facilitated to appear in the exams for school and college levels through open school and distance education system of the State and Centre. The personnel are informed about the recognized institutes offering such courses
  4. Executive Development Programmers (EDPs) (2-3 days each) - These EDPs and workshops are conducted on need-basis for in-house Supervisors and management level officials (senior, middle and junior), from Banks, Industry and Service Sector
  5. Feed-back Procedure - We strive for continuous quality improvement by obtaining feedback through the following measures :
    1. From Field Officers
    2. Regular Interaction with Clients and their suggestions
    3. Suggestions received through open House Sessions held on-site
    4. Feedback questionnaires received from Clients