1. Manned Guarding

We secure Banks, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, Retail Chains & Warehouses, Hospitals, Airports, Highways, Mines & Forests.

2. Manpower and Facility Management

Blue collar employees, White collar employees, Temporary staffing

3. Electronic Security Systems and products

We also provide high quality electronic security systems and products.

4. Consultancy & Security Audit

You can also avail consultancy and security audit facilities from our end.

5. Training (for all levels)

We provide training for all levels.

6. Security Software development & Uniform Supply

We also develop security software and also supply required uniforms.

7. Payroll Services

Our services includes payroll services.

8. Cash Division

Cash Division is another service we provide.

9. IT and ICT

IT and ICT

10. Fleet Management and Cargo Services

We also provide Fleet Management and Cargo services.

11. Canine Academy

Canine Academy

12. Close Combat Training

We provide Close Combat Training.